Helping organizations innovate, transform, and lead

From a professional and functional perspective, Deloitte Consulting services cover the corporate growth, development and transformation processes. We aim to add value to businesses and provide solutions through the value chain of enterprises. We have established strategic, deep and long-term relationship with clients based on our idea of growing with them.

Leveraging Deloitte Consulting's comprehensive suite of services and global resources, our service capability takes a leading role in the market. The integration of multi-professional service capabilities and the close team collaboration enable us to provide high-quality services to the clients.

We are differentiated by our capability to execute the advice we provide to help clients in the markets where they operate today and where they want to be in the future. Delivering this kind of value requires the skills to integrate a broad range of talent and skills – across strategy & operations, human capital and technology – aligned to the unique needs of our clients’ industry sectors, businesses, and organizations.

Our Consulting Services:

● Strategy & Operations     ● Human Capital      ● Technology

● Financial Services Management      ● Data Analytics

Strategy & Operations

Executable strategy. Extraordinary insights. Enduring value.

Business leaders must act with conviction, even in an era of growing complexity, uncertainty, and disruption. These business leaders need clear, concise, well-informed perspectives on the important dynamics that are currently reshaping their business environments. Our global network of Strategy & Operations professionals draws on the strength of Deloitte’s full suite of professional services and industry experience to focus solutions on the real issues affecting businesses today. We work collaboratively with our clients to link strategic vision to flawless execution to achieve tangible, long-term value. From developing a pragmatic strategy and evaluating M&A opportunities to improving finance and operations functions, we have the experience and expertise to help clients build an executable strategy.

Our Strategy & Operations Services:

● ŸStrategy Articulation                ● CFO Services    

● Supply Chain Management

Human Capital

Business-led, people-driven

The next generation of business challenges present a new wave of HR, talent, and organization challenges. Companies are focusing on global growth and scale, innovation, constant regulatory change, and now a post digital world. For leaders this increasingly means a multi-generational, global workforce working through distributed networks. The coming years present unparalleled opportunities for leaders to have an impact on their organizations’ performance and people.  At Deloitte, we offer insights and capabilities, leveraging research and analytics, to help you design and execute critical Human Capital programs from business driven HR processes and systems to designing innovative talent, leadership, and change programs.  As a global leader in Human Capital consulting, we bring a unique combination of industry, business, and HR, talent, and analytics know-how.

 Our Human Capital Services:

  • Talent, Performance, Reward and Learning Solutions
  • Strategic Change, Organizational Transformation and Merger Integration
  • Human Resources Transformation and Technology


Business-led, technology-enabled.

Today, business and technology innovation are inextricably linked. Deloitte Consulting’s Technology practice helps clients solve their toughest business challenges through the combination of deep technology competence and practical business strategy capabilities. Our Technology consultants deliver advice and services in support of the implementation, management, and operations of technology solutions matched to the needs of each client.

Our Technology Services:

  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cloud ERP
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • IT Strategy & IT Effectiveness

Financial Services Management

Insights. Action. Growth. 

Constant change is the new normal for the financial services industry today, and there’s little reason to expect these roiling waters to calm anytime soon.  Leaders in financial services have already made peace with this fact, and are pressing ahead with new strategies, products, and services designed to gain an edge over the competition.  In this environment, you have to be ready to act at a moment’s notice. And that requires an ability to make smarter, more informed decisions, which is exactly where Deloitte can help.

We make the best use of Deloitte global resources and leverage local advantages to provide customized solutions for Taiwan's leading financial institutions.  Our professional team consists of experienced Strategy & Operations specialists, Analytics specialists, and Technology specialists.  Our experts’ knowledge and industry experience enable them to deliver tailored solutions to help companies address new challenges, maximize market opportunities and create competitive advantage.

Our Financial Services Management:

● Customer Experiences – Customer Survey, Channel and Marketing Management

● Business Process Management

● Cost & Profit Management

● Risk Management - Credit Cycle Management, Risk Management Improvement & System Enhancement

Data Analytics

Analytics must be used to be useful 

Today’s business leaders know the inherent value of analytics insights for driving smarter decisions. And, today’s leaders have to consider the entire ecosystem in which they exist, including social, economic, environmental and political currents. That puts business analytics in the center of the action. 

Customer and Growth analytics: provides you with actionable insight on your customers – past, present, and future. These insights often result from forming a single, expansive view of customer relationships and behaviors across previously siloed products and channels. Armed with the new insights, you can discover previously hidden up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, flag early signals of customer defection, and obtain better returns from marketing campaigns.

Finance Analytics: helps you to manage performance in alignment with your business strategy. By helping get control of your financial data, finance analytics enable you to model business processes and gain deeper insight into cost and profitability drivers.  Plans, budgets, and forecasts become more accurate, and you can better understand the significance of KPIs - and their true relationship to performance.

Supply Chain Analytics: empowers you with insights on demand patterns, supply and distribution networks, and customer service requirements across transactional and operational systems.  In an ever-changing economic climate, and in the context of increasing globalization, analytics can help to cut procurement costs, identify anomalies and potential disruptions, forecast demand more reliably, optimize logistics, and gain a holistic view of their entire supply chain.

Workforce Analytics: helps employers improve their workforce management processes by linking HR strategy to analytical techniques.  In an ever more diverse and decentralized workforce environment, insights gained from workforce analytics can help you find ways to recruit – and retain – world-class talent, and address other data-driven workforce challenges such as employee safety.