Supply Chain Management

Providing end-to-end operational advice & execution guidance to leading businesses

Today’s supply chains have to be more nimble than ever before, able to respond quickly to the slightest changes in direction. More global. New products. Greater risk of disruptions. Faster-paced. And more. All while meeting new demands for lower costs and increased productivity in a ferociously competitive global environment.

We can help companies build lasting competitive advantage at every level of their operations, from product development, planning and sourcing to manufacturing, logistics and distribution. And we specialize in Automotive, Industrial Products, Chemicals, Consumer Product, and Retail industries. If you’re ready to see how strategy really works in practice for your business, we can help.

Our Supply Chain Management Services:

  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Sourcing & Procurement Management
  • Supply Chain Operations Excellence
  • Supply Chain Analytics

Strategy & Operations

Supply Chain Strategy

Creating the added value for customers that delivers the highest sustainable return on operations

Supply chain strategy should be aligned with the corporate strategy and synchronize all the components of the supply chain, including plan, make, source, delivery and after sales. It is vital to have a top-down strategy supported by all roles touching the value chain, with the commitment to develop the tools, technologies, organizations and processes. And the allocation of resources is the one factor that will affect a transition from the declared supply chain strategy to the effective strategy. Supply chain strategy should thus include the process of resource allocation among the various projects or business units, in order to be able to achieve the business goals for the future.

Deloitte team is a global multidisciplinary organization allowing the mates to combine all industry expertise into one team ensuring a full service supply chain strategy offering, enabling a wide perspective on industry benchmarks and innovation, helping clients to define a global supply chain strategy that aligns with overall business strategy, provides a roadmap for execution.

Our Supply Chain Strategy Services:

  • ŸGlobal footprint strategy and network design
  • Operating model redesign
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Analytics and performance management

Supply Chain Planning

Leveraging integrated planning concepts that effectively drive inventory and delivery

Supply chain planning aims at becoming more efficient and responsive to customer needs, predicting future requirements to balance supply and demand; which serves as the central point of coordination within an organization. Bringing together assets such as inventory, stocks, machines and equipment, and people is critical in developing a plan that provides high service levels to the end customer.

Deloitte supply chain planning service helps clients to align customer demand with capabilities, performance, and constraints of the organization. And it will incorporate the required activities from initial strategy to final execution; provide supply chain optimization, leverage integrated planning concepts that effectively drive delivery.

Our Supply Chain Planning Services:

  • Demand planning
  • Supply planning
  • Sales & Operations planning
  • Integrated business planning

Sourcing & Procurement Management

Improve procurement efficiency with S.C. collaboration

Procurement is the acquisition of goods, services or works from an external source and is mainly composed of Sourcing, Replenishment, Supplier Relationship Management, and Contract Management. It is favorable that the goods, services or works are appropriate and that they are procured at the best possible cost to meet the needs of the acquirer in terms of quality and quantity, time, and location. Deloitte Consulting assists Enterprises to improve their efficiency by procurement transformation, to improve their supplier management, and to develop their supply chain collaboration. Our Sourcing and Procurement team offers clients the experience and skills needed to drive down the bottom line. Our professionals have a demonstrated track record of measureable, sustainable results because they deliver the category knowledge it takes to identify savings opportunities across the entire source to pay process – and the holistic thinking to help our clients achieve those savings not only while we are there but long afterward. With our deep understanding of procurement, we can help clients transform from being transactional to strategic procurement organizations.

Our Supply Chain Sourcing and Procurement Services:

  • PMO optimization
  • Category management and evaluation
  • Procurement process optimization and measurement
  • Procurement centralization
  • Supplier relationship management

Supply Chain Operational Excellence

Improve assets efficiency to reduce operating generated waste

With competition getting fiercer, operational excellence is increasingly important in order to achieve lower costs and higher efficiency strategic objectives. Deloitte can help enterprises optimize operations; improve processes for value added activities in order to maximize profits. At the same time, help enterprises improve asset utilization; improve liquidity of total assets to increase their revenue. Moreover, Deloitte provides the most customized proposal for different product categories to increase operational flexibility, thus enhancing the overall efficiency.

Our Supply Chain Operational Excellence Services:

  • Operations Process Optimization

    - Lead Time management

    - Inventory management

    - Logistic management

    - Spare parts management

  • Asset Management
  • Operational Readiness
  • Operations risk management

Supply Chain Analytics

Increase asset efficiency by analyzing the value chain

Organizations with ERP platforms have found it easy to amass large stores of data about their operations. Companies with leading supply chain capabilities have typically made significant shifts in their use of advanced analytics to transform historical data captured in ERP systems into predictive insights. These companies are using advanced analytics on every aspect of their supply chain to improve forecasts, demand planning, sourcing, production and distribution. Supply chain analysis is an untapped opportunity for many organizations that have data at their disposal but lack either the tools or the knowledge to exploit it. Our Supply Chain Analytics service provides tools and models, which is not only considered historical experience but also market trend, and helps our clients for better decision making and scenario analysis. Our experience shows that manufacturing companies can realize a margin improvement of 2 to 4 percent by applying more analysis to the data they already have.

Our Supply Chain Analytics Services:

  • Forecast improvement
  • Data analytics for pricing
  • Supply chain responsiveness