Strategy Articulation

Focus. Enabling superior performance

Corporate Strategy is about enabling an organization to achieve and sustain superior overall performance and returns. It is a core responsibility of senior executives and encompasses a range of critical activities, from defining and refining corporate vision to strategic performance measurement and management.

Deloitte's corporate strategy practice helps senior executives address their organizations' most complex and challenging business issues, enabling them to achieve and sustain superior overall performance and returns.

  • Focus:Performance information should be focused only on the key measures, including legislative requirements, which are important to the organisation and the role. Measures should also be those that may drive an action or decision. This focuses management attention on the right issues and at the right level of detail.
  • Alignment:Performance measures should be aligned with the strategic objectives and integrated into the performance review process of the organisation. The performance measurement system should have a hierarchy of objectives and measures which are cascaded down the organisation. This ensures the employees are working cohesively towards the common objectives of the organisation.
  • Action:Strategies and initiatives should be communicated in a way that they completely infiltrate people’s minds.  Performance measures should be specific, be actionable, and be practical.
  • Behavior:Motivate strategic thinking in the organization and long for the rise of an entrepreneurial spirit among employees.

Our Strategy Articulation Services:

● Vision and Strategy Articulation

● KPI Design & Implementation

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