Deloitte Garage


Corporate Innovation Services

Everything we do for our clients, we first test in our company. Therefore, we offer the most optimal formats of collaboration on innovations in Ukraine as of today.

Education and coaching:

  • corporate training programs on design thinking;
  • corporate training programs on SCRUM;
  • corporate training programs on innovations within the company;
  • mentorship for corporate innovation teams.

Collaboration on building and launching innovations:

  • organization and support of design sprints and technological hackathons;
  • testing of ideas feasibility;
  • design of new products;
  • development of prototypes for innovative solutions.

The result of collaboration with Deloitte Garage team

Corporate innovations is a scientific tool for gaining new knowledge for business.

This is a self-development process of an organization during which it can learn how to:

  • create new value for people inside and outside the company’s ecosystem;
  • share this knowledge across the company to scale the experience as well as to motivate and develop the organization. 

We help the ‘change agents’ within the company to transform business through lean and design thinking, and provide teams with the powerful and tested innovation design tool. By using the tool and with our active support, the teams will achieve significant business results, such as:  

  • new opportunities for business growth expressed in the form of conscious and unconscious needs of the company's clients and inefficiently organized processes;
  • new collaboration formats and methods involving a broad segment of the company’s employees to address clear innovation challenges of the company;
  • motivated employees who can contribute to the implementation and development of innovations within the company;
  • cross-functional product teams using acquired innovation skills which are able to effectively develop and launch innovative products that will provide a foundation for the company’s sustainable growth.

Our methods:

Job-to-be-done thinking

The jobs-to-be done and motivations of people to make progress in the lives, unlike the technology, represent constant values. Therefore, we use them as a tool that sets focus of the entire project.

Human-centered design

Scientific process of deep understanding of the problems on the way to achieving objectives of people and empirical iterative search for an optimal solution.

Ethnographic data collection methods

For us, these are the most effective tools for building empathy, observing real problems and uncovering deep insights hidden in human behavior leading to breakthrough innovations.

Visual innovation management through design canvases

Visual templates are the visual thinking protocols of an innovation team – from user map and lean canvas to visual prototype and blueprint service of the future solution. At any point in the process, they allow the team to understand, see and act in the most effective way within a project.

Engagement of industrial experts, professional consultants, clients, and technical specialists of Deloitte

For each project, we form business and technological expertise required for the team. We organize interviews and testing of solutions with the real clients. We provide legal, tax and business consulting support to the team at the stage of innovative solution design and development. This enables fast prototyping process and prompt responses to all expert questions.


This framework helps us to minimize waste in the team’s work at all stages of new product design, thus making the team a single, alive and motivated organism that focuses on delivering value for the client. 

Lean start-up

The product we help the client’s team to develop is not only technological solution, but rather an effective business model. Lean start-up principles help us to find such a model through business experiments.