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We are a cross-functional team of practicing innovators specialised in design and technological development of innovative solutions. We are a design and technology agency for corporate innovations.

Every business has a job-to-be-done to develop a new innovative product and service that will provide a platform for the company’s future development and sustainable growth in a constantly changing environment. However, doing this in a way that makes the whole team understand the product’s true value for the client and ensures effective implementation process is an extremely difficult task.

Usually, businesses face the following obstacles:

  • Outdated functional rather than product structure of the company;
  • Ineffective approaches to deep, empathic understanding of client needs and value-based product development;
  • Lack of motivation in teams whose performance indicators are not connected to the real value of the product they create.

Over the past four years, we have been iteratively developing solutions to these issues, working on internal and external innovation projects of Deloitte Ukraine. 

Our advantages:

  • we tested and improved our methodology for building innovations;
  • organized cross-functional processes for integrated implementation of the projects;
  • improved competencies in lean and design thinking, innovative solution prototyping and the cutting-edge blockchain technology.

We understand the complexity as well as the great value of innovative transformations within the company. We want to share our experience and develop in synergy with our client's team. We set ourselves the goal of catalyzing corporate innovation among Ukrainian businesses that are ready for transformation, and we start by transforming team thinking.

Our massive transformative purpose is to turn our outsourcing country into innovative product economy.

Your alternatives:

  • Outdated and ineffective market research that does not provide understanding of what the client really needs, what will make him happy, and why he will recommend your new product. Money is spent on determining what the client is buying today, however it does not give answer to what he will need tomorrow.
  • Outdated and ineffective training programs for company employees that give knowledge, which no longer brings value to the client. Companies spend money on staff training but investment in outdated knowledge will never generate a return.
  • Outdated and ineffective methods for new product development demonstrating a wide gap between available knowledge and understanding the client and his actual needs. This leads to wasting money on things the client does not need.

We compete for any budget invested in creating new value for business. In our work with the client, we use corporate innovation risk management that helps to release the team's potential, allowing it to learn from its own empirical experience quickly and exponentially. At the same time, this approach prevents the company from spending extra money without ensuring first that a new idea or a product really works. Our product is the fastest and most effective method of transforming abstract ideas into working innovative solutions.

Deloitte Garage

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