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If you make a choice between the two vacancies you like, receive my congratulations! A possibility of making such a choice is really a rare thing:)

However, when a feeling of euphoria is gone, you will face a choice dilemma. When you need to refuse from one of the alternatives, a question arises, “How to make a right decision?” Never fear – as usual, I have prepared for you several short, but important prompts so that you could make a right choice.

Do not worry, it will take only 5 minutes to read them :)

# 1. Estimate what impact each vacancy has on your future career

Focus on to what extent each company will allow translating into reality your long-term plans and aspirations.

I know that, during an interview, you commonly want to show how cool YOU ARE and how you fit in this job and the company, since you want to produce an impression of a super candidate – after the meeting with you, a manager’s choice is going to be evident.

At the same time, do not forget that an interview is also a possibility to understand to what extent the company is suitable FOR YOU. Spend some time of the meeting with the team on learning what you would like to know about development prospects, the company, functionality, management, and culture. Subsequently, give answers to yourself on several important questions:

  • What vacancy meets best my career objectives?
  • Which of them creates more opportunities for growth and development?
  • What factors and characteristics are the most significant for me?
  • This way, it will be easier for you to select a job that will become another step on your career path.


# 2. Find a balance between the financial remuneration and personal satisfaction from job

When selecting between two companies, one of the first questions you are going to deal with is, “Which of them pays more?”

I will not deny that payment is a significant factor, nonetheless, it will not substitute to you satisfaction from job. So what to do when a less attractive vacancy is paid higher than the one you like better? First of all, ask yourself whether 40 boring hours a week will make you happier:) Also, determine for yourself a minimum and an optimum pay amount you would like to earn, and negotiate your remuneration around those two figures.


# 3. Pay attention to the culture of each company

If you have the experience of working in a toxic team, you know how exhausting it is to stay in such an environment day by day. You may lose a wish and inspiration work because of the team that does not share your values and, vice versa, fall in love with the company and its mission more if you feel “at ease” with the people who make you better.

Do not forget to ask your interviewers (or people you know who already work for the company) about the company’s culture and its values. Determine for yourself the characteristics that are important for you and compare to what extent each of the companies fits in your “ideal image of employer”:)


# 4. Compare your possible leaders

In the same way as the team taken as whole, each good leader may inspire you, teach, sometimes become a coach who will help you handle the situations when you are confused. This factor is really very important, especially at the beginning of the career, since, at this stage, you need a real support, criticism, and mentorship that will help you make right steps in achieving your goals.


# 5. Talk to the team and describe a typical day for you in both positions

In the event that, after all of the items above, you still find it difficult to make your choice, describe for yourself a typical working in both companies. Determine advantages and disadvantages in each and prioritize the lists. Typical questions that might be of help include:

  • What am I going to do every day?
  • Who am I going to work with?
  • What result will be expected from me?
  • In what conditions am I going to work?

After you express all this in writing, you will find it easier to understand what job to choose.


# 6. Trust your intuition

After all this search for information, questions, analysis, reasoning … look at the big picture in general and listen to your inner voice. Ask yourself, “What job do I like better? How will I feel if refuse from Option 1? And if refuse from Option 2?”

Trust yourself even when someone suggests you doing otherwise. It is you who will spend there each day, pay your time and efforts – therefore, you should make this choice on your own.

Perhaps, you will need to take a risk and try something new and unknown. Refuse from a more comfortable option – and elect the one you like better.

I do believe you will succeed:)

Recruitment bot D.TalCa (@DeloitteTalentBot)

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