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Specialist M&A support services

Helping clients complete deals

Deloitte provides a wide range of services to help clients successfully transact.

Economic Consulting

  • The team operates globally, providing specialist economic advice to clients
  • They apply microeconomic theory alongside econometric and financial expertise to provide solutions to business, consumer and regulatory issues confronting clients. They combine economic modelling skills with deep industry knowledge

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  • The team provides independent valuation advice and opinions
  • These can support executives and boards to make decisions about transactions and capital investments, and can also help companies to meet regulator or investor demands. Valuations also support audits and purchase price allocation advice, and in dispute resolution including expert determination

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Business Modelling

  • The team provides expert help to clients in designing bespoke planning and decision support tools
  • These distil complex business situations into useful financial models that can provide deep insights and better enable clients to make decisions
  • The team is a centre of excellence for business modelling, applying proven methodologies and leading-edge tools

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Sale and Purchase Agreements

  • The financial and other terms of the sale and purchase agreement are of critical importance in order to achieve a clean transaction and appropriate recourse and remedies should a deal not progress as anticipated
  • Deloitte is the first of the big four accountancy firms to offer a dedicated M&A-based sale and purchase agreement advice service, and the team are confident they can offer clients a significant advantage in the deal process

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Carve Outs and Separation

  • The team supports clients in separating two or more organisations before and during the completion of a transaction
  • They help clients to understand the capabilities and robustness of standalone operations, to make the required regulatory disclosures (if applicable), and to understand the standalone companies financial and operating bases
  • The team supports clients in implementing separation strategy

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Post-merger Integration

  • The team supports clients in integrating two or more organisations after the completion of a merger or other transaction
  • They help clients apply a structure and disciplined approach to integration, with clear strategic objectives, detailed implementation plans and a focus on creating and capturing value

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Public Health Transactions and Restructuring

  • The team specialises in providing M&A and restructuring services to healthcare entities, particularly NHS trusts, Foundation trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups and other NHS organisations
  • Capabilities include M&A, PFI advisory, PFI buy-outs and cost reduction programmes, restructuring, post-transaction implementation, productivity improvement and service transformation, financial planning and health economy redesign and restructuring

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Government and Infrastructure

  • The team provides specialist advice in relation to major capital and M&A projects in the government and infrastructure sectors
  • The team can advise clients on raising finance, transactions, business structuring and major contract procurement
  • They support clients in the power, infrastructure, defence, social care and transport sectors, and with those contracting with government

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