IP Discovery

Intellectual Property Discovery

Intellectual assets make up a large portion of a business’s value, yet not every organisation has a comprehensive understanding of the full extent of the intellectual assets they own. IP Discovery enables you to identify, capture and assess what you have built up over time and encompasses all the different types of registered and unregistered IP (patents, trademarks, copyright, designs, domain names, and trade secrets for e.g. some business processes or sales methodologies) you own.

How your business benefits from IP Discovery

IP Discovery takes stock of your identifiable intangible assets and documents the extent to which they protect your products or services and how they serve as key differentiators. We help you create a deep understanding of the full scope of your intellectual assets and how to maximise the value they bring to your business. Bespoke capture and reporting capabilities help identify, map and recognise the value each asset brings to the business.

IP Discovery is highly beneficial to businesses in many scenarios:

  • During an M&A – buy-side: an IP Discovery is an important component of commercial/strategic IP due diligence.
  • During an M&A – sell-side: an IP Discovery helps to determine transaction readiness and to underpin value assessment assumptions.
  • When seeking funding, an IP Discovery enables you to articulate the value of your intangible assets.
  • Precursor to an IP Strategy, an IP Discovery is a starting point for understanding what you own so you can make informed decisions going forward.
  • Digital transformation planning, ensure you capture your assets as you transform your business.
  • In support of tax related projects (e.g. Patent Box, transfer pricing, moving IP to other subsidiaries).
  • Other reasons for running an IP Discovery include:
    - To justify IP budget.
    - As a response to licensing demands or litigation.
    - To support marketing activities.
    - In response to industry disruption that shifts IP balance.

How Deloitte can help


  • Deep visibility and insight into existing assets and a clear way of presenting value to the company.
  • Improved planning and better decision making ability with clear mapping of how each asset aligns with your business goals.
  • The process helps identify third-party dependencies of IP, Potential tax benefits, IP asset divestment opportunities, and future due diligence activities.


  • Gain actionable, commercially-minded recommendations for adjustments based on findings to enhance IP protection.
  • Implement IP best practises to maximise innovation harvesting, protect IP assets and maintain protection via internal processes.
  • Receive guidance on how best to exploit existing IP assets and explore potential commercialisation strategies that are available.


Jon Calvert

Jon Calvert


Jon Calvert leads the IP Advisory business within Deloitte. He has extensive experience and leadership in intellectual property strategy development and execution from his many years as a tech executi... More

Josue Ortiz Ramirez

Josue Ortiz Ramirez


Josue advises clients on IP strategy and IP transactions. He runs the IP Advisory group’s transaction advisory service. His transaction and valuation track record includes buy-side and sell-side engag... More