Deloitte Brexit Impact Assessment

The transition period provides businesses with a short timeframe to get ready for the post-Brexit environment. Given the broad business impact of Brexit, a systematic approach to planning and implementing change, amidst continued uncertainty, is required.

The Deloitte Impact Assessment is designed to help your business navigate the transition period so you are positioned to implement timely operational changes and take advantage of the opportunities ahead. Deloitte works with businesses to act on the ‘known knowns’ in respect of the UK/EU future relationship, offered by the UK’s departure from the EU Single Market and Customs Union. As well as plan against what is decided during the ongoing trade negotiations.

Every business will need to take similar steps as they prepare for the changes. For some this means identifying the main Brexit impacts on their business. For others it will involve focused gap analysis on their Brexit planning to date, across five key themes: Supply Chain, People, Legal and Regulation Trade and Market Access, and Tax and Finance.

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Amanda Tickel

Amanda Tickel

Head of Tax & Trade Policy

Amanda is Head of Tax & Trade Policy for Deloitte UK. She leads a team undertaking analysis and preparing insights across the spectrum of tax and trade matters including Budgets, technical consultatio... More