International Trade

From regional strength to global potential

Deloitte has teamed up with, DLA Piper and UK Trade and Investment to analyse the opportunities and challenges for businesses looking to trade overseas.

As the UK’s economic recovery continues to gather pace, many businesses in the Yorkshire region are increasingly turning their attention towards growth opportunities.

The recent Deloitte CFO survey highlighted that directors of some of the UK’s largest businesses are increasingly optimistic about the future and are now willing to take risk onto their balance sheet to finance further growth.

When looking to expand, companies are increasingly looking overseas to fuel their appetite for growth. The traditional markets of the US and BRIC nations continue to present an attractive prospect; however, increasing focus is being directed towards the emerging markets of Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia. As these economies begin to open up, they present an opportunity for businesses to gain a foothold in a growing market and to position themselves effectively for future deregulation.

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