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Turning the page

Education and publishing brand Pearson’s Save for Shares plan had low uptake, despite being a no-risk no-brainer for employees worldwide.

To refresh interest in the plan, we created a lively interactive brochure spelling out the plan’s benefits and translated it into eight languages. Jargon-free copywriting, informative illustrations, and useful interactivity including a savings calculator helped to make the complex clear - take a peek inside.

In their good books

After the comms launched, 11% more eligible employees in the UK signed up to the plan, increasing participation to 29% of eligible employees. Not bad for a brochure.

“Working together was everything I hoped for - the team have great energy”
— Wade Gravett, Share Plans Manager
Caroline Dillon<br>Account Manager at Stitch

Caroline Dillon
Account Manager at Stitch

“We are passionate about financial education, so working with Pearson was a joy! The interactivity brought the information to life, including a calculator for employees to work out how much they could save by making small adjustments to everyday spending.“
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