Interactive LTIP insights for a tech-focused team

Booting up a new plan

When software solutions company Redgate launched their first ever all-employee Long Term Incentive Plan (LTIP), they wanted to keep the whole team in the loop from day one.

We helped by creating an interactive PDF and animation with a distinctive and instantly recognisable look and feel, transforming tricky topics into engaging, attractive, and easy-to-understand information

Computer says yes

Just two weeks after the comms launch, 62% of Redgate employees opted into the LTIP, and now, 99% of all eligible Redgaters are enrolled in the plan.

“The Stitch team were terrific.. clear timelines and expectations from the outset with the ability to flex when required.
— Rebecca De Vere, Redgate
Caroline Dillon<br>Account Manager at Stitch

Caroline Dillon
Account Manager at Stitch

“The LTIP that Redgate have launched gives me all the feels! It’s a wonderful incentive to offer their hard-working employees and we were so honoured to be involved in communicating what it meant for the Redgaters. The interactivity of the brochure really helped keep the information engaging and the design was bright and positive!“
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