Why now is the time for US climate action

The choice is easy between a prosperous, decarbonized future or allowing the economic impact of climate change to disrupt our growth—but getting to net-zero will require coordination, collaboration and upfront financial investment to rapidly transform existing industries into a series of complex, interconnected, emissions-free systems.

If left unchecked, the economic cost of climate change in the United States alone could reach $14.5 trillion by 2070. Our latest report on climate change explores critical areas of US climate action and reveals steps we can take to transition to a prosperous, decarbonized economy.

Acting now will not only save the United States from the economic cost of unchecked climate change, but could also lead to a $3 trillion increase in GDP by 2070. Our analysis shows that achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 isn’t just an aspirational goal—it’s an economic growth imperative.


The United States’ turning point

Learn how addressing climate change today can position the US for prosperity tomorrow.

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United States’ highlights


Economic imperative—our turning point

The cost of action and inaction


The opportunity and impacts

The US has an opportunity to accelerate


Time to act—accelerating to zero

Four phases will shape our economic and climatic future

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