Deloitte Grants Management

Modernizing grants programs to increase efficiency and impact

​The Deloitte Grants Management Solution can help you improve the efficiency of managing grants programs and drive greater impact from your grant investments. We combine state-of-the-art technologies with leading practices based on many years of practical experience helping organizations modernize their grants programs.

Deloitte Grants Management Solution

​The solution includes financial management capabilities in SAP Grantor as well as document management, security and records management technologies from OpenText. Automation is used to enhance efficiency, including business process automation and an automated interface to receive application packages. The result is consistent, organized grant files with reportable data and streamlined workflows that can help increase productivity as well as improve accountability, consistency, and reliability throughout the grants life cycle.

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Grants management processes

​Grants are one of the federal government’s ways to fund ideas and projects to provide public services and stimulate the economy. Fundamentally, grants are investments in our future and well-being as a nation. As our government looks for ways to reduce spending, a focus should be placed on funding what works—and this requires deep visibility into the impact of grants. In addition to better visibility, many grants programs are striving for greater efficiency in managing grants throughout the life cycle. Streamlining grants management processes requires modern technology and standardized procedures that can drive increased accountability and transparency.