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What’s ahead for retail and consumer products companies?

The future is coming...but still one day at a time

Advances in data gathering and analytics have brought new rigor to thinking about the future for retail and consumer products companies. Our soon-to-be-released report on trends driving retail and consumer products is based on billions of points of global data, vastly improved analytics tools, and an approach informed by past prediction methodologies that hit (or missed) the mark. We take a practical look at how to respond to different types of disruption—including the current pandemic—by looking deeply at what you can measure … data. Though things continue to evolve rapidly, the seven trends we identify in the report remain the important considerations to watch, especially since many are likely to accelerate further in this new environment.

Retail and Consumer Products 2020: Learning from past predictions

Many wise and whimsical predictions have been made over the past twenty years about retail and consumer products 2020. While the prognosticators—including Deloitte—didn’t get it all right, past methodologies provide valuable guidance on how to think about—and prepare for— the future.

Our team spent six months reviewing 20 years of published predictions about retail and consumer products, assessing each for methodology, and thoroughness. We categorized the predictions, then looked at accuracy, and what could be learned from the collection of data.

This research informed what we believe is a better way to think about the future evolution of the industry and inform go-forward decisions, strategy, and investments. Once you receive your copy of the report, explore the results and contact us to continue the conversation, as we prepare for a completely new chapter in the future of retail and consumer products.

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