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2020 Energy, Resources, and Industrials Industry Outlooks

Annual perspectives on sector trends

How will the trends we watched in 2019 play out in 2020? What emerging trends are on the horizon? Our industry outlook collection, covering Oil, Gas & Chemicals; Power & Utilities; and Industrial Products & Construction, evaluates sector landscapes to help executives better plan for success and unforeseen challenges.

Headwinds, tailwinds, or sidewinds—stay alert to recognize opportunity amidst heightened uncertainty

Heightened risk of economic slowdown, linked to ongoing trade tensions and reduced confidence, will potentially impact all energy, resources, and industrials sectors in 2020. This could lead to a slowdown in demand growth, both for energy and manufactured goods. In addition, new investment could slow down with companies maintaining a holding pattern until the macroeconomic outlook is clearer. The engineering and construction sector is in the front line to see the effect of this.

On the other hand, areas of opportunity are always present. In defense, governments around the world are raising spending on security and military equipment as actual or perceived security risk factors become more salient. In the manufacturing industry, accelerated digitized factory automation looks set to give a welcome boost to productivity as smart factories proliferate. In electric power, renewal of aging infrastructure, a pivot to low-carbon or renewable generation, and an enhanced focus on system and grid resilience should drive continued high levels of investment. In the oil and gas industry, US LNG is in expansion mode, while growing US oil production is playing an important role in enhancing global supply security.

Let us not forget that more deep-rooted, longer-term trends are in play and will likely strengthen in 2020. Sustainability and carbon mitigation are becoming increasingly central to investment and operational strategies across all sectors in energy, resources, and industrials, along with a heightened imperative to communicate progress in these areas to customers, investors, and other stakeholders. Digitization is becoming more pervasive and can open up new avenues to productivity and profitability. And in every sector, the voice of customers is increasingly driving business models.

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