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Patty Tuite on pivoting to clean energy and the importance of collaboration

Deloitte is proud to introduce the next profile in a series featuring women in the energy industry in conjunction with the Women’s Energy Network (WEN). By highlighting the stories of women in energy, we hope to help facilitate meaningful conversations, create connections, and showcase the myriad of opportunities for women to enter and thrive in the energy industry.

Patty Tuite is a managing director in the Risk & Financial Advisory practice at Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics (DTBA), specializing in valuation modeling and financial advisory. She is an industry veteran with 40 years of overall experience in energy and has been interested in energy for as long as she can remember.

Starting something new

As Patty Tuite sat down for this interview, she was coordinating a solar panel installation at her home and her excitement for clean energy initiatives shone through immediately. Patty discussed her career path as a woman in science, her commitment to sustainability, and her personal and professional values. It was clear that Patty has lived and breathed energy for the past three decades.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Patty’s passion for science and engineering started at an early age. After graduating from high school, Patty became the first generation in her family to attend university, and she earned a degree in chemical engineering.

Upon graduation, she started her career with a power company, working her way up the ranks and gaining valuable experience in the energy industry. Patty has been breaking barriers since she began her career as one of the first women to be hired into the nuclear training program and as the first woman to become a distribution line engineer at a power company. Patty attributes her confidence to having to elevate herself throughout her early career to prove her competence in the industry.

During her 19-year tenure with the power company, she developed specialized knowledge in the field, and her contributions helped to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the company’s operations.

In 2002, she started working at Deloitte, where she continued to focus on energy-related projects. Her knowledge and innovative approach to problem-solving demonstrated the value Patty brings to Deloitte and the clients.

Patty Tuite
Managing Director
Risk & Financial Advisory practice
Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics

Pivoting to clean energy

She has always been an early adopter and a strong advocate for the use of renewable resources. “I tend to be more progressive, I believe in math and science, and I was an early supporter in confronting climate change,” said Patty with a smile on her face. She firmly believes that the energy industry has a responsibility to protect the environment and to develop more sustainable practices. Patty continued, “I get to say I have been doing this for 19 years, which is a long time for an area that has recently become more accessible with a levelized cost of entry and become more competitive with other power generation types.”

Highlighting the importance of mentorship and collaboration

Patty didn’t get this far on her own; she owes a portion of her success to her mentors and continues that legacy by mentoring those coming up in the organization. Patty feels supported by Marlene Motyka, US Renewable Energy leader, in the work she is passionate about. Having people believe in her career success and trajectory greatly benefited Patty, and she has continued to pay it forward. She believes in the old proverb, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Patty believes in empowering others and providing them with the knowledge and tools to help them succeed. This guiding philosophy in mentoring has helped her to become a respected leader in the industry, and she has contributed extensively to the field. She is especially proud to have the opportunity to mentor other women on her team to help them succeed in their careers. Her mentorship continues at home with her two daughters, whom she refers to as her inspiration and who are similarly highly motivated and high-achieving women. One of Patty’s daughters has a bachelor’s degree in information systems and the other—following in Patty’s footsteps—has become a chemical engineer. They call their mother “a pioneer.”

When asked what piece of advice she’d give her younger self, she said, “You don’t have to be 100% sure of something in order to form an opinion and have a point of view, so get involved in the conversation.” Additionally, Patty emphasized the importance of advocating for yourself and owning your success.

Instead of waiting until you are 90% sure of something, get involved when you are 75% sure.

Finding beauty in nature—and change

In her personal life, she loves to travel to North Carolina and spend time at the beach. She finds solace in the beauty of the natural landscapes with wild horses, and it serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting the environment.

Patty’s career trajectory in the energy industry has been nothing short of impressive. As a woman in a largely male-dominated field, her experience, innovation, and commitment to sustainability has helped her to become a respected leader in the industry. Her eagerness to accept change and persevere has helped her to empower others and make a positive impact on the industry.

Patty Tuite: The lightning round

Describes herself in three words: Mother, Daughter, Sister

Favorite food or drink: Veggie burgers

Favorite place to travel: North Carolina

What’s her Business Chemistry: Pioneer

One thing on her bucket list: Visiting Austria

One way she practiced self-care during the pandemic: Reading

Women in Energy

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