In today’s boundaryless world, work isn’t defined by jobs. The workplace isn’t a specific place. Many workers aren’t traditional employees. It’s those who partner with the workers and push the limits of what’s possible—who end up creating sustainable work models and elevating outcomes—making work better for humans and humans better at work.

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Top trends in human capital for 2023

With ER&I organizations adapting to the fundamentals of a boundaryless world, many key trends have risen to the top of the 2023 Global Human Capital Trends. The boundaries that were once assumed to be the natural order of things are falling away…

Framing the challenge: Think like a researcher

ER&I respondents are experiencing critical skills gaps, but overall do not feel ready to address this trend. While some sectors like industrial products and construction (IP&C) are finding creative solutions to match workers with the work that needs to be done, the ER&I industry still trails other industries in doing this at scale. ER&I organizations must find ways to match their current workers with the work that needs to be done in order to fill their critical short-term talent demands.

Charting a new path: Cocreate the relationship

ER&I respondents signaled a lack of confidence in their access to talent in the marketplace, instead turning to internal solutions like optimizing their organizational structures to meet current needs. ER&I organizations should explore non-traditional talent sources like the Gig Economy and Managed Service Providers to complement traditional talent sources and unlock their full workforce ecosystem.

Designing for impact: Prioritize human outcomes

ER&I organizations struggle to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) trends, often ranking them lower in priority than other industries. While ER&I employees tend to see the value in embracing DEI, leaders often do not. If leaders in this sector want to close the skills gaps, they must boost diverse talent by creating inclusive ecosystems where employees feel valued as their authentic selves.



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