Do more for less.
Don’t compromise customer experience.
Be resilient. And flexible.
Oh, and get it done faster.
Individually, these conditions are challenging; combined, they can be overwhelming. To tackle this, many businesses are looking to using a digital workforce to amplify their teams.
Easy to say. Often harder to do.
  • Can you secure the up-front investment to implement the digital workforce solutions you need when budgets are being squeezed?
  • Do you have the right cloud infrastructure and specialist teams to get up and running quickly and scale to meet increasing demand?
  • Can you manage and monitor your digital workforce 24/7, so that they work hard for you around the clock, at maximum capacity?
Meet our intelligent digital worker.
Managed by us, working for you.
From handling customer queries to processing claims, it can quickly increase the capacity of your workforce, providing relief for your teams in a quick and cost-efficient way. Hosted on our secure cloud environment, and managed by us seven days a week, our digital worker offers workforce solutions you can scale up and down as required. All while operating safely and securely. Less risk, less investment, all the benefits of automation. And with Digital Workers working hard for you behind the scenes, you can focus on expanding your operations and delivering the best possible customer experience. All at optimum cost.
An end-to-end intelligent digital workforce solution
1. Get up and running quickly Our secure cloud environment is already integrated with leading technology vendors (from intelligent automation to analytics). This means we can start augmenting your operations quickly, and securely. Our cloud-based platform allows you to reduce your total cost of ownership and because we’re managing it for you, you can free up resources in your team. 2. Meet the digital worker Once you’re up and running you’ll meet our digital worker that can amplify your workforce, helping your people deliver business processes. Its job is to orchestrate many different digital components, mastering the skills to handle a variety of activities, from handling claims to scheduling staff. If a new skill is required to support your business processes, we can move quickly to build it into its capabilities. 3. Make our support team your support team With our Robotics Operations Centre, we’re able to monitor and manage the digital worker seven days a week to keep your business processes running smoothly. The team will fix any issues as they arise and answer any of your ad hoc queries. The digital worker can work hard around the clock, but everyone needs a second opinion from time to time. To keep on adding value to your business, we provide the right people to help it make the right decisions, deferring to you where appropriate. 4. Track performance and ROI You’re able to track all the work they complete, and with analytics built-in, you can quickly measure key metrics such as financial savings, and utilization for capacity planning. With 24/7 availability across your processes, you’re able to access always-on insight into how your operations are performing and how they can improve. We've also built in an orchestration tool to provide seamless integration of workflow between the digital worker and your teams. 5. Operate with confidence Drawing on our established Risk experience, we build Controls into the digital worker from the outset. This mitigates the risks of automation for your business and gives you confidence that it is operating securely. By creating a risk based governance model with you, we will give you transparency over how the technology and processes are implemented, ensuring all the right controls are in place.
Why augment your digital workforce with us? Mitigate the significant up-front costs usually required for implementing digital workforce solutions and automation by tapping into our architecture, only paying for what you use to keep ongoing costs to a minimum. We offer a range of flexible pricing models, from subscription to risk/reward. All work on the principle that you only pay based on the results delivered for you. Supplementing your workforce with digital workers allows you to deliver more for your business at lower cost, and because digital workers can operate 24/7 you can significantly increase your capacity. Our infrastructure is ready to go, supported by practitioners around the world. This means implementation of our digital workforce solutions can be reduced from weeks to days. By accessing our cloud-agnostic platform, you can scale your operations rapidly. If you're required to launch a new service or ramp up delivery quickly, a digital workforce can be fully operational for you in a very short period of time, with no requirement to set up laptops and desks. By amplifying your workforce with Digital workers, business continuity is improved during those periods where you have less human workers available, as well as periods of operational stress and high demand. By drawing on our years of risk expertise we've made sure controls are built into the digital worker from the outset, which mitigates the risks of automation to your business. We'll also make sure the automation of your operations meets any regulatory requirements. Digital workers are fast and accurate, working hard behind the scenes to deliver a smooth experience for your business and your customer, even in times of increased pressure. With lower error rates, it can also help you enhance quality and control risk. Accelerate the speed of change across your business safely. We'll manage and maintain your digital workforce seven days a week, making continual improvements to keep adding value to your business.
Lean on our operations experience
Getting automation right requires much more than just getting the technology to work. With over 20 years experience running operations, we understand operations are intricate. We've built this experience into it so that your digital workeforce does't just automate a process in isolation but provides a solution in a way that integrates and scales with your complex operations.
What can the intelligent digital worker do? Skills It masters skills by orchestrating many digital components. If a new skill is required to support your business processes, we can move quickly to build it into its capabilities. Here are some of the skills that it has:
Document processing Workflow management Communication Customer contact Case management Staff scheduling Appointment booking Data analysis Data visualisation Work orchestration
It can use these skills to deliver a range of activities including:
Find out more about the opportunities and challenges faced by businesses across the globe as they look to scale automation. Explore the latest results of our
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