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Tech Trends collection


Tech Trends collection

Explore our library of trends reports, 2010 to present

Deloitte’s annual Tech Trends reports examine the ever-evolving technology landscape and those trends that have the potential to transform business, government, and society. Written from the perspective of the CIO, these reports explore technology trends that have the opportunity to impact organizations - across industries, geographies, and sizes today and in the future.

Tech Trends 2016: Innovating in the digital era

The 2016 report identifies eight trends that reflect macro forces fueling innovation: digital, analytics, cloud, the renaissance of core systems, and the changing role of IT within the enterprise, balanced with the implications of cyber risk—security, compliance, regulatory and compliance, quality, and safety.

The theme for this year’s report, Innovating in the Digital Era, is inspired by the opportunities today’s CIOs—across industries, geographies, and company sizes—have to shape every corner of their organizations by transforming “business as usual.”

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Tech Trends 2015: The fusion of business and IT

The 2015 report examines nine current technology trends, ranging from the way some organizations are using application programming interfaces to extend services and create new revenue streams, to the dramatic impact connectivity and analytics are having on digital marketing; and from the evolving role of the CIO to changing IT skill sets and delivery models.

The theme for the 2015 report, the fusion of business and IT, is broadly inspired by a fundamental transformation in the way C-suite leaders and CIOs collaborate to leverage disruptive change, chart business strategy, and pursue potentially transformative opportunities.

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Tech Trends 2014: Inspiring disruption

The 2014 report discusses 10 trends that exemplify the unprecedented potential for emerging technologies to reshape how work gets done, how businesses grow, and how markets and industries evolve.

These disruptive technologies challenge CIOs to anticipate their potential organizational impacts. And while today’s demands are by no means trivial, the trends we describe offer CIOs the opportunity to shape tomorrow—to inspire others, to create value, and to transform “business as usual.”

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Tech Trends 2013: Elements of postdigital

The 2013 report examines the continued convergence and controlled collision of five forces – analytics, mobile, social, cloud, and cyber – as businesses move closer to achieving the possibilities of the Postdigital EnterpriseTM, where all five forces are mature, implemented, and integrated.

These five forces offer a new set of tools for business, opening the door to a new set of rules for operations, performance, and competition. IT can deliver engagement and empowerment to business customers, both innovating and industrializing.

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Tech Trends 2012: Elevate IT for digital business

The 2012 report examines the broad impacts of five technology forces that have influenced our reports over the past several years – analytics, mobility, social, cloud, and cyber security.

It’s an uncommon, and perhaps even unique, time to have so many emerging forces – all rapidly evolving, technology-centric and each already impacting business so strongly. Whether or not you have previously thought of your business as inherently digital, the convergence of these forces offers a new set of tools, opening the door to a new set of rules for operations, performance, and competition.

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Tech Trends 2011: The natural convergence of business and IT

Our 2011 trends report explores the convergence of social and mobile computing – a convergence that is fundamentally changing how information is accessed and used in business operations and decision-making. “There’s an app for that” captures the essence of this change, engaging users wherever and whenever they choose, and taking full advantage of the next generation of cloud computing.

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Depth perception: A dozen technology trends shaping business and IT in 2010

The 2010 report offers technology trends clustered in two categories: Emerging Enablers and Disruptive Deployments. Emerging Enablers are core disciplines that have evolved within organizations – capabilities, skills, and philosophies that are critical for IT and the business to partner, innovate, and create value.

Disruptive Deployments are trends that present significant new opportunities – offering new business models or transformative ways to operate in existing markets. The technologies individually may not be disruptive, but deployed as discussed, they may positively disrupt the cost, capabilities, or even the core operating model of IT and the business.

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