Ed Bowen

Advisory AI CoE Leader

Managing Director | AI Center of Excellence

Ed Bowen

1700 Market Street

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United States


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Ed will be leading Deloitte Advisory's AI Center of Excellence with a focus on driving innovation and accelerating adoption of AI. He recently joined Deloitte with a 25-year career in delivering data & analytics solutions, with a focus on solving genetics, chemistry, clinical, and manufacturing problems by building big data solutions at scale. Ed has extensive experience in building organizations that successfully build, test, and validate predictive/statistical and machine learning models with a focus on drug and vaccines development and commercialization.

Recent AI & Machine Learning successes include deliveries in Protein Engineering, Functional Genomics for Biological Target Validation, Cancer Patient Stratification based on molecular signatures, and manufacturing optimization. He has published peer-reviewed journal articles on topics ranging from digital signal processing of electronic navigation signals to Bayesian methods for use of historic clinical trial data as a concurrent control arm of clinical studies.

Ed holds Masters Degrees in Electrical Engineering, Business, and Biology and is a visiting scholar at Harvard University. He is in the final stages of completing his PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Miami where he is publishing his research on the impact of genetics on the placebo arm of Alzheimer’s Disease clinical trials. Ed is also a veteran and was awarded an Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal after Operation Uphold Democracy as well as multiple Humanitarian Service Medals for service in the Caribbean rescuing and repatriating migrants at sea.

Ed Bowen