Signing Ceremony on Training Cooperation

Deloitte Vietnam and SSC

Deloitte Vietnam and State Securities Commission signed a memorandum of understanding on training cooperation

Hanoi, 24 June 2020 – Deloitte Vietnam Company Limited (Deloitte Vietnam) and State Securities Commission (SSC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the 2020-2022 training cooperation program, aiming to improve SSC officials’ capabilities in terms of managing and overseeing stock market, as well as strengthening the relationship between two parties.

Following the successful cooperation since 2012, Deloitte Vietnam and SSC continue to implement the cooperation program for the period of 2020-2022, focusing on two key areas: (1) training and sharing knowledge on accounting and auditing; (2) cooperation in corporate governance. Training modules have been adjusting to be suitable with the current situation, including live seminars and practical simulations hosted by Deloitte Vietnam's experts. This is part of Deloitte’s CSR activities that reflects the occupation milestone throughout Deloitte’s 30 years of operation.

The signing ceremony welcomed Mr. Tran Van Dung - Chairperson of SSC; Ms. Ha Thu Thanh - Chairperson of Deloitte Vietnam; and other representatives from SSC and Deloitte Vietnam.

At the ceremony, Ms. Ha Thu Thanh shared: “This signing ceremony marks a milestone in the 8-year journey of making an impact with SSC to share knowledge/ skills and create values. For the last 30 years of development in the Vietnam market, training has long been among Deloitte’s five main services that we aim to improve continuously. With the “Making an impact that matters” motto embedded in Deloitte over 175 years, I hope that the knowledge and professional skills will benefit all SSC officials throughout their career path.”

Mr. Tran Van Dung, Chairperson of SSC, expressed his gratitude toward Deloitte Vietnam’s contribution in the stock market and highlighted the results which were achieved in the previous collaboration. He said: “The partnership with Deloitte Vietnam has brought practical results in improving the capability of SSC officials, which includes understanding financial statements, preventing financial fraud, and strengthening corporate governance. This helps the Commission to complete the ultimate goals of protecting investors' rights and developing a sustainable stock market."

After the signing ceremony, Deloitte Vietnam organized a preliminary training program for SSC officials to share more insights on the half-year financial report preparation for public enterprises. Given the impact of Covid-19, the preparation for the Financial Statements this year will need to consider several factors that are different from the ordinary practice. Deloitte's experts evaluated the impact of Covid-19 on the half-year financial reports and pointed out some notable matters when conducting review of corporate reports during this period.

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