Gen Takaishi

Deloitte Vietnam Japanese Service Group Director

Gen Takaishi

Ho Chi Minh City office

18th Floor, Times Square Building

Ho Chi Minh City


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Gen Takaishi is a DTT expatriate from Deloitte Asia Pacific, a member firm of DTT and has been servicing Japanese clients for over 18 years in Deloitte Vietnam. 

As a Director in charge of JSG desk, Takaishi is responsible for overseeing the operations and performance of auditing, accounting, tax and advisory services for Deloitte Vietnam’s Japanese and other multinational clients.  

Takaishi develops business plan for JSG, expand networking relationships and enhance current client development. He manages relevant JSG works including reports, information & data research, publications issuance and coordinate with service teams to ensure quality assurance standards for the business are being practiced in the course of providing client service.

Besides publishing a couple of Vietnamese accounting & accounting news articles and books in Japan, Takaishi also conducted a lot of Vietnamese accounting & tax seminars in Vietnam, Japan, and Singapore.