Industry M&A updates

Developed by Deloitte Corporate Finance and released on a quarterly basis, these updates provide an overview of key marketplace trends and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions, including industry analysis and a reference list of publicly traded companies.

Business services M&A update

We believe, companies are seeing a focus on employees and their professional happiness and growth. For those in the business service industry, there has been a trend on investing in employees or the potential workforce to help ensure they have the tools in and out of the workplace to succeed mentally and professionally.

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Consumer products M&A update

Like the trends we saw in Q1 of this year, Q2 had a large focus on environmentally conscious consumer goods and products. Restaurants and food manufacturers continued to look for new and innovative ways to provide better and safer packaging for the environment, while consumers have shown a bigger preference for natural foods, backing away from highly processed goods. We believe both groups are making thoughtful changes to bring eco-friendly processing for foods and goods.

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Energy M&A update

In the second quarter of the year, the Energy industry saw an increase in America’s renewable energy capacity, as its surpassed coal. However, this doesn’t mean energy from renewables has passed other energy sources. For example, gas production this quarter reached a notable high.

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Financial services M&A update

Based on economic data from the first half of the year, interest rate cuts are expected to take place, forcing banks to begin the rate-lowering process and find different ways to grow earnings, such as on contracting margins.

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Industrials M&A update

The industrials space is expected to see continued growth in 2019 for areas such as defense, transportation, and paper, printing, and packaging. Trends such as climate change regulation, e-commerce growth, and geopolitical tensions are some of the factors playing into the upward industry trend.

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Life sciences & health care (LSHC) M&A update

With the continued growth of technology and society’s need for connection, we believe the introduction of smart health communities (SHC) has begun to change the way people assess their medical situation, and ultimately, make decisions. These communities combine digital technologies and groups of people focused on well-being, to help individuals with their health challenges.

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Packaging M&A update

The global packaging industry is expected to see continued growth in many of its sectors, such as hig-barrier packaging films, medical packaging, and glass packaging. Growth in many of these sectors can be fueled by increased safety concerns, increased consumer demands, and overall economic growth.

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Technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) M&A update

Many companies, small and large, are finding themselves looking to technology-based platforms more than before to solve common business issues. From identifying threats to their networks, to automating work once done by humans, to making end-to-end decisions; many businesses are capitalizing on automation, analytics, and forms of intelligence to grow.

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