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Industry M&A updates

Developed by Deloitte Corporate Finance and released on a quarterly basis, these updates provide an overview of key marketplace trends and M&A transactions, including industry analysis and a reference list of publically traded companies.

Business Services M&A update

As companies invest in “people analytics” and employee learning systems to drive employee engagement and performance, they are turning to onmi-channel marketing to help craft seamless consumer experiences.


Consumer Products M&A update

Consumer packaged goods companies are increasingly investing in experimental startups and developing technologies to meet the demand of shifting consumer demographics and behaviors.

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Energy M&A update

The Energy sector has seen a great deal of movement due to changes in the political environment.

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Financial Services M&A update

With a decrease in bank loan growth, rising interest rates are starting to provide banks with hope.


Industrials M&A update

While the specialty chemicals and homebuilding sectors are seeing growth, uncertainty endures within the infrastructure and automotive sectors.


Packaging M&A update

Many packaging manufacturers are turning to automation, standardization, and innovation to increase profits while meeting consumer demands for longer shelf lives and more eco-friendly packaging.


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