Industry M&A updates

Developed by Deloitte Corporate Finance and released on a quarterly basis, these updates provide an overview of key marketplace trends and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions, including industry analysis and a reference list of publicly traded companies.

Business services M&A update

The business services industry is increasingly tasked with how to improve the effectiveness and quickness of services to consumers. Whether it be better streaming options for TV, digitizing the way truck drivers are trained, or companies providing better training and learning opportunities for employees, a common trend is to do these things quicker and better than before.

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Consumer products M&A update

Q1 2019 had a large focus on the food and beverage sector within the consumer products space. Americans are increasingly hyper-focused on diet and general food consumption. This has led to diet-focused product lines focusing on lifestyles such as paleo and keto, along with an increase in non-alcoholic options at bars and restaurants aiming to appease those looking to live a health-driven lifestyle.

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Energy M&A update

The energy industry continuously tasked with finding newer, greener alternatives to energy sources. This past quarter saw a spike in corporate investments in renewable energy such as solar funding as well as companies and consumers in parts of the southern US focusing more time on managing their energy consumption via distributed energy resources (DER).

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Financial services M&A update

With concerns over an economic downturn, the financial services industry is seeing the US Federal Government adjust and fluctuate accordingly, such as interest rates being held the same as Q4 2018.

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Industrials M&A update

Growth is anticipated to continue for the industrials industry, especially in areas such as oil and gas, power and utilities, metals and mining, and automotive. While the growth factors differ for each sector, the over-arching themes of innovation and efficiency are helping drive advancements in the space.

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Life sciences & health care (LSHC) M&A update

The life science and health care industry is starting to put more emphasis on using analytics to help overcome common challenges and find new industry wins. Many companies in the health care sphere are putting analytics at the top of their priority lists with efforts such as adding C-suite roles focused on analytics, establishing analytics strategies, and designing processes to help with data reviews.

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Packaging M&A update

The packaging industry is expected to see continued growth in many of its sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, molded fiber pulp, aluminum foil, and airless. Environmentally-friendly alternatives and solutions are some of the main trends driving the growth in the industry including nontoxic, biodegradable and limited waste packaging features.

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Technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) M&A update

Consumers in the technology, media, and telecommunications space are strongly focused on connectivity to others, and the things around them. This includes their ability to connect to those around them quickly as possible. With advancements in immersive technologies, 5G technologies and everything-as-a-service (XaaS), consumers are increasingly finding ways to more quickly access the world around them.

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