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Industry M&A updates

Developed by Deloitte Corporate Finance and released on a quarterly basis, these updates provide an overview of key marketplace trends and M&A transactions, including industry analysis and a reference list of publicly traded companies.

Business services M&A update

While many see emerging technologies as a threat to human served jobs, businesses have seen the implementation of advanced tech systems work in complement to human workers and improve overall business processes.

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Consumer products M&A update

With consumers putting a bigger emphasis on their wellness and diet, food and beverage organizations have had to adapt and make changes to products to keep up with this type of lifestyle change.

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Energy M&A update

Climbing oil prices in Q4 2017 due to the diminishing global supply, have caused a shift in the market toward those integrating renewable energy sources such as electric, solar, and nuclear power.

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Financial services M&A update

Although we have seen shifting philosophy at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and US Senate action to weaken the Dodd-Frank Act, the US bank stock prices continue to see strong performance. However, consumer and industrial loan growth has slowed considerably.

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Industrials M&A update

Amongst uncertainty in the steel and aluminum markets, the application of advanced technologies, such as digital supply networks, in the industrial manufacturing sector continues to grow. At the same time, increased US government defense spending is fueling inorganic growth in the aerospace & defense sector.

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Life sciences & health care (LSHC) M&A update

As the LSHC sector continues to converge, insurance organizations are adapting to the changing health care landscape through M&A transactions focused on managing health care delivery costs, driving positive patient outcomes, and increasing company scale.

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Packaging M&A update

Protective packaging is expected to overtake boxes as the largest product category within the industry; demand for corrugated packaging material is expected to increase, as well. Meanwhile, polystyrene (PS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and polyethylene (PE) prices continue to rise, while polypropylene (PP) saw a decline late in the quarter.

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Technology, media, and telecommunications M&A update

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to become an integral part of a professional and personal business, 5G technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) will be able to run faster and be implemented quicker than before. Automotive technology has also benefited from IoT and AI, contributing to increased growth and focus in the industry.

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