DeloitteDavosLive 2014

At Davos 2014, Deloitte lead an open debate where anyone in the world could share their views on how business can create positive impact and growth.

Building on InnovationLive, introduced in 2013, DeloitteDavosLive (#DeloitteDavosLive) presented an innovative, open online forum for debate. Individuals around the globe were able to share ideas around the role of business and government in driving progress, innovation, and competitiveness. The 2014 “DeloitteDavosLive” wall at the World Economic Annual Meeting 2014 engaged participants in an immersive and interactive experience through graphic illustrations created by on-site scribes. 

Deloitte asked four key questions:

  • How can we drive growth? #Growth
  • How can we lead progress? #Progress
  • What are the big issues? #Bigissues
  • How do we make more of a positive impact? #Impact
View photos of the final illustrations in our Facebook album or on our Pinterest board, and listen to our interview with Blake Mycoskie (Founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS Shoes) on how business can create more of a positive impact. 
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