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Environmental sustainability

Initiatives across member firms

Many member firms are actively pursuing sustainability initiatives, both inside and outside their physical office spaces.

Deloitte Australia, along with Deloitte Digital, developed an iPhone app that promotes car pooling and taxi sharing. GreenRide™ users can search for nearby rides or create their own rides by selecting the meeting point, mode of transport, and available seats. The app can even calculate the approximate carbon emissions saved.


Deloitte Canada introduced secure printing and purchased new printers to minimize waste. To date, the firm has reduced printing from 101 million imprints to 89 million.


Deloitte Chile's new corporate office is being built using LEED certification guidelines. It is the first building in Latin America to measure its carbon footprint for the construction process and the life cycle of the building materials.


Deloitte Denmark's Energy Lean program promotes energy optimization, retrofitting and renewable energy. It contributed to a 49 percent reduction in the firm's carbon footprint and now is being offered to large municipalities.


Deloitte Finland is reducing office space and investing in more sustainable ways of working. Expected benefits include a 36 percent savings in annual real estate costs and a 40 percent decrease in its carbon footprint.


Deloitte India and Deloitte U.S. India support the annual Monsoon Regatta, held to raise awareness of the need to clean and improve the quality of Husain Sagar Lake in Hyderabad.


Deloitte LATCO's offices in Ecuador sell paper, cardboard, and plastic to a recycling center and donate the proceeds to a hospital and care center where 700 patients are treated monthly.


Deloitte U.K. teamed up with the social enterprise GiveMeTap to provide Deloitte offices with 5,000 reusable water bottles to reduce the 200,000 plastic cups that were thrown away every week. Proceeds from the water bottles fund GiveMeTap’s sustainable water, sanitation, and irrigation projects across the globe.


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