IFRS Transition Services


IFRS Transition Services

Changing the audit landscape

Across the region, companies are beginning to recognise the enhanced comparability and improved transparency offered by IFRS accounting. We understand that a transition to IFRS can be a time-consuming, difficult and stressful process, but our team aim to smooth the process and provide a seamless transition.

We can provide you with assistance in developing accounting policies and procedures, exploring and analyzing the gaps between the information currently available and that needed for your IFRS audit.

Changing processes 

We understand that the changes will have an impact upon both your financial reporting and your business operations and we can help you to find solutions and mitigate any difficulties.

Mitigating business impacts

Your people will need support throughout the transition period, to help them understand the underlying theory behind IFRS, the practical implications of transformation and to help them consolidate their learning.

The Deloitte Academy, and our in-house training experts, can devise tailored training for your team, to ensure that they are ready for the transition, from a full theoretical understanding of IFRS through to tips and practical advice on the transition process.

Supporting your team