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Looking to effectively enter the Usage-Based Insurance Market? Introducing D-rive: an innovative end-to-end telematics solution for auto insurers

Designed specifically for auto insurers, D-rive is a mobile–based telematics solution that captures, scores and reports on policyholder driving behaviors while engaging drivers through a mobile app and online portal.  Insurers are empowered with their own Insurer Portal and access to a data bureau of pooled driver results to accelerate the accumulation of necessary driver and loss cost information.

Telematics is the technology that allows for real time transmission of individual data and reflects a new era of increasingly connected consumers willing to share personal information in exchange for value.

Telematics in Auto Insurance: allows insurers to gather rich behavioral insights on their policyholders, which provides a more comprehensive view of a driver’s risk than the corollary variables used today (e.g. demographic factors or credit scores).

Why Now: market leaders have already starting to incorporate this technology into their offerings.10 major U.S. auto insurers, representing nearly 60% of the market, will be offering telematics products in 2014.

Opportunities for Insurers: D-rive allows insurers to realize the benefits of telematics throughout their businesses:

  • Improved Underwriting: insurers can more accurately price policies across segments, leading to improved profitability
  • Product Design & Innovation: insurers can create new products tailored to the needs and behaviors of specific customer segments
  • Enhanced Policyholder Experience: insurers can engage policyholders in new ways to develop deeper customer relationships, leading to improved retention

What is Telematics?

D-rive was designed for insurers, with input from insurers and offers distinct advantages:

  • Smartphone-based data capture: deliver a seamless experience to your policyholders’ mobile-based lifestyle while driving consumer adoption, engagement and retention
  • D-rive Data Bureau: gain access to proprietary and pooled driver/loss costs data that can be used for predictive modeling analytics
  • Flexible and transparent data analytics: customize data algorithms to score drivers based on the factors and weightings most important to your organization
  • End-to-end solution: from strategy to implementation to product enhancement, D-rive supports insurers at each step of building and growing their telematics program
  • Speed to market: enter the Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) telematics market immediately, regardless of size, with an innovative end-to-end telematics solution
  • Cost effective: reduce costs through a low upfront investment and minimal integration while gaining the support of a full-service analytics team
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An end-to-end solution that covers:

Strategy – focused planning sessions with the insurer team and go-to-market playbooks which includes a “how to” guide on:

  • Accelerating policyholder adoption
  • Onboarding policyholders seamlessly
  • Building continued engagement through education and buy-in from exclusive and independent agent

Implementation – initial integration between D-rive and insurer systems as well as ongoing support through operational playbooks on topics such as:

  • Data Collection & Aggregation: conducting initial model design and seed aggregated data pool
  • Actuarial & Pricing: developing and customizing the scoring engine, integrating D-rive portal data with insurers’ systems
  • Regulatory: providing filings expertise and support

Winning in the Market – after the initial telematics program is launched, D-rive provides insurers support to maintain and evolve their telematics program through:

  • Product Development: conducting strategic product design (add-on service)
  • Expansion into new geographies: filing new products across states
  • Ongoing access: allowing on-going access to driver score analytics and the shared pool of driver data
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