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Deloitte Analytics


Optimizing operational efficiency can be the shortest route to improved performance. Process improvement is an untapped opportunity for many organizations that have data at their disposal but lack either the tools or the knowledge to exploit it.

Can analytics extract additional value from the millions of processes carried out by organizations or do approaches based on traditional metrics deliver the best ROI?  When looking for competitive advantage, process and operational improvement can be a productive place to begin.

From improving the supply chain, identifying operational improvements, detecting potential risk, and understanding both your customers and your workforce – Process Analytics can provide the insights required to achieve process optimization and operational excellence.

Organizations amass large stores of data about their operations, what’s needed is the ability to mine that data to extract the potential insights it holds captive. Deloitte Analytics is able to transform historical data into predictive insights.  Imagine being able to answer such various questions as:

  • What is the weakest link in my supply chain?
  • Which segments of my business are the most profitable?
  • How can I keep my customers loyal?
  • Do we hire the right people, with the right skills?
  • Who is most likely to commit fraud?

All organizations want to devote time and energy to enhance their processes to ensure they are adding the most value. Deloitte member firm specialists have the tools and disciplines to make it possible to drill deeper into your data in search of improvements and have teams armed with the knowledge and expertise to apply these improvements to your organization.