Economic Consulting

Economic consulting is one of our new services and is based on our deep-rooted industry experience. Our microeconomic tools and statistical analysis techniques allow us to propose the most efficient solutions regardless of the complexity of the issue – from strategic topics to agreeing results with regulators.

Mətn ilə tanış olun

Moreover, we are pioneers in technical audit and cost-efficiency analysis of major investment projects of the Russian monopolies. Our core services in Economic Consulting include: 

• Cost efficiency analysis of investment projects;

• Feasibility study of investment projects;

• Applied business solutions (econometrics, modeling of optimal strategy given existing risks)

We solve complex tasks in valuation, financial modeling and economic consulting.  

Our principal strength is serving as an independent arbiter to identify a balance of interests between different market players. This function is especially important while planning M&A transactions. 

We have comprehensive experience cooperating successfully with a wide array of companies,  agreeing and defending our deliverables at any level – from auditors to government bodies. 

We are among the few advisors in Russia enjoying practical knowledge and in-depth understanding of the CIS markets. Moreover, the widespread Deloitte network allows us to draw on international experience in offering solutions.