Major events

A spectacular sporting program. Acceleration of major infrastructure development. A platform for socio-economic reform. An immovable deadline. A relentless delivery program. Significant budget pressure. Huge media scrutiny. The ultimate stage on which to showcase a nation – a real opportunity for change.

Major events are becoming progressively more ambitious, both in impact and scale. Coupled with the diverse range of media platforms and increasing complexity in delivery, financial and commercial arrangements, the challenge is formidable but the benefits can be tremendous. Getting the right plans, designs, people, structures, and controls in place is at the heart of successful delivery, and building a team with real experience at all stages of planning and delivering a major event is essential.

Deloitte’s major events team has supported bid cities, Host Cities, and legacy organizations to plan and deliver more than 20 major events around the world, including the team's latest experience as the Official Professional Services Provider to London 2012. Following the close of the London 2012 Games, we have over 800 people worldwide who have been involved in planning, delivering, and marketing major events.

Deloitte member firms’ consultancy and wider professional services experience equips teams with the required knowledge and skills to deliver across the full suite of requirements around major events and broader infrastructure and socio-economic programs.

The major events team has extensive hands-on experience, working on the ground with clients at every stage of an event from planning to the sharp end of delivery and operations.