Assessing cyber risk


Assessing cyber risk

Critical questions for the board and the C-suite

The evolving threat landscape means organizations today must worry about far more than fraud and theft. As attackers become highly organized and also focus their attention on disrupting services, destroying your data, and holding your systems to ransom, the risk challenges grow more complex—with regulatory fines, legal damages, loss of trust, and reputation damage becoming part of the equation.

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Amid this landscape, the connection between risk and performance grows stronger, with responsibility for overseeing cyber risk increasingly resting with the board and the C-suite. These top leaders increasingly want to confirm that their businesses remain secure, vigilant, and resilient—but they are sometimes far removed from the day-to-day challenges of monitoring, detecting, and responding to evolving cyber risks.

Ten critical questions can help board members and the C-suite get started by unlocking insights about their cyber maturity. Explore them here—and discover guidance that can help you develop focused answers and build new cyber risk understanding.

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