Information leakage prevention


Information leakage prevention

How to measure risk?

The majority of organizations possess confidential data and try to ensure its protection in line with the expectations of their clients, shareholders, business partners and supervisory bodies. Nevertheless, notorious leaks of personal data and confidential information are abundant. Disclosure of confidential information may result in losses and statutory liability, and damage the organization's reputation as a result of mass media publications and wide media coverage. The ever-increasing risks of industrial espionage and loss of intellectual property force organizations to take the following urgent measures: determine which of the information they possess is confidential; assess the efficiency of the existing controls; and select data leak prevention tools.

Key issues to be considered by organizations:

• What information should be kept confidential?

• Where is such information stored and how is it processed?

• Who uses it and in what manner?

• Ways to mitigate leakage risks

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