Mobile Consumer Market Survey 2012 – Russia


Mobile Consumer Market Survey 2012

It’s obvious that we live in the era of mobile technology. Years ago, cell phones were the size of a suitcase; today we are not surprised with gadgets integrated into watches or even glasses. Portability has become the most noticeable win of modern microelectronics and industrial design. Nowadays, Russians may easily own at least four portable devices: a laptop, cell phone, tablet, digital camera and a DVD/MP3-player, for example. Every day, the functionalities of these devices are getting more comprehensive, covering a broader spectrum of communicative options.

In 2012, Deloitte included Russia in its annual Mobile Consumer Market Survey for the first time. A total of 27 thousand responded, including 2 thousand local subscribers. While the results for Russia largely describe trends among urban population rather than the population as a whole, we nevertheless believe our findings provide those in the industry with plenty of food for thought. The survey provides insight into how people tend to use the gadgets available today, which brands they prefer, which services they like and which want to be changed. Our findings will not just interest mobile operators and electronics distributors, but also professionals in the finance, retail, media, e-commerce and government sectors, as modern telecommunication technologies play an increasingly important role in their business.

How did Deloitte conduct the research?

Deloitte conducted the Global Mobile Consumer Survey over May and June 2012, during which a total of 26,060 mobile phone users in 15 countries responded to it online. Results for Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, the UK and the United States are nationally representative. Results for Argentina, Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Russia, South Africa and Turkey are more representative of urban professionals. All sample sizes per country were 2,000+ except Belgium, Finland, Croatia and Turkey (1,000). Survey questions were written by Deloitte member firms with input from wider mobile telecommunications industry (industry associations, operators, handset vendors, service providers, regulatory authorities, investment banks,  analysts and content creators). The multinational online research program was managed by YouGov.

We hope you will find the survey results informative and would be happy to further discuss any of the findings highlighted in the report.

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