Transform to thrive

If the market and society have changed, the passing of the last waves of transformation has also left definitive marks in Brazil. This fiscal year 2022, the period portrayed in this report, represented a transition between major themes on global and local agendas: from the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic to the climate emergency; from accelerating dysfunction in global supply chains to intensifying inflationary pressures around the world; from the consolidation of technology investments made in the past decade to the new and intermittent demands of digital transformation and cybersecurity.

With transformations at high speed, organizations need a partner that provides a comprehensive and integrated view of the whole. In fiscal year 22, Deloitte, based on the most comprehensive set of solutions on the market, dedicated itself to transforming its clients' businesses from end to end: by creating, delivering and operating, with its own knowledge and the fundamental support of alliances with the world's largest technology providers. Thus, from our more than 7,000 professionals in Brazil, we have drawn up plans, carried out implementations and conducted operations.

We believe that professional service organizations also need to continuously transform themselves and, only then, can they truly lead major changes in the market. For this, we also consolidate global and local trends and anticipate the big issues that should impact the business. Transformation is also ongoing and intense in our service portfolio. At the end of the focus period of this report, half of our revenues already came from areas and fronts that did not exist six fiscal years ago. The organization's partners in Brazil – responsible for leading our various offers to clients – accompanied this transformation, growing in an unprecedented way.

The impacts of our organization to support transformations also extended to Brazilian society, addressing issues in the social and environmental areas, and to our own people, by promoting an inclusive, diverse and stimulating culture, where everyone could develop careers and dreams. In business, in the world and in life, transformation is crucial to achieving prosperity and “building better futures” – as the motto of our global “WorldImpact” programs. The end-to-end transformation we promote will always be in this direction.

Altair Rossato – CEO