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Impact Report – Commitments and actions

Learn about the facts, numbers, challenges and achievements of Deloitte Brazil during a complete annual cycle, referring to fiscal year 2021

Deloitte Brazil´s “Impact Report – Commitments and actions” presents the initiatives, results and impacts of our Firm during the fiscal year 2021, highlighting commitments that were made and renewed, as well as connections established with the most diverse stakeholders. It translates our performance and impacts into four major areas (learn more through the menu below).

Altogether, the picture captured by this report shows that, throughout fiscal year 21, Deloitte implemented several initiatives within the strategy aimed at accelerating its expansion in Brazil. In the midst of the most serious period of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country, it dedicated itself to supporting clients with excellence and consistency, helping to transform their business. At the same time, it protected its own people and articulated itself to support society through pro bono services, donations, volunteer actions and the dissemination of knowledge.

Deloitte, the world's largest professional services organization and the most valuable brand in its sector, continues to strengthen its global leadership in Brazil.

Deloitte Brazil Impact Report

Robust expansion plan, growing international connection, new solutions and hiring of partners and specialized professionals: that's how Deloitte carried out a wide transformation in its market positioning in fiscal year 21.

It consolidated bases for accelerated growth in the following years, leveraged by the most complete service portfolio – always with a lot of embedded technology and constantly evolving to carry out, from end to end, the transformation of clients.

Deloitte is established, in Brazil and all over the world, around a brand that represents the knowledge, quality, capacity and commitment of its people to transform.

The development of Deloitte professionals is, therefore, the priority of our organization – we prepare our people to impact clients' businesses and promote significant changes on society.

Deloitte designed the WorldClimate program, which aims to engage its own professionals and the whole ecosystem of stakeholders in which the organization operates to create solutions that facilitate the transition to a low-carbon economy.

The current decade is decisive in this journey and the advances made in fiscal year 21 within the Deloitte Brazilian Firm still represent relatively preliminary stages of a trajectory that has been accelerating.

In this chapter, we present a summary of Deloitte's organizational structure in Brazil and its governance model. We also highlight organizational principles, such as shared values, and a series of practices that mark our relationship with stakeholders. In addition, we list initiatives and processes that contribute to achieving excellence in internal operations and, therefore, in the provision of services to clients and in generating impacts on society.

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