Linguistic services

Deloitte Translation Services: Quality. Speed. Professionalism.

Our turnkey service includes translating financial reports, websites, training manuals, and a variety of other tax and administrative materials. Deloitte’s linguistic services team has a stringent quality control process and is committed to meeting deadlines.

If your organization regularly issues financial information and other material in Canada’s two official languages, chances are, it must do so within very tight deadlines. If you are to meet those deadlines and avoid extra costs, planning for the translation and related linguistic work becomes essential at the very outset of your project.

At Deloitte, our linguistic services team has a stringent quality control process, a commitment to meeting deadlines and a focus on quality. This is a turnkey service for translating financial reporting documents such as financial statements, MD&As, quarterly and annual reports, economic analyses and prospectuses. We also translate websites, training manuals, employee directives, brochures, human resources documentation and economic bulletins.

Deloitte’s multidisciplinary linguistics team possesses extensive knowledge of the financial, banking and business sectors, manages projects from start to finish, understands that client service means prioritizing quality while meeting deadlines, and is backed by internal technical reviewers who are either Deloitte partners or quality control reviewers. It’s through consistent application of our client service principles that we achieve our promise of client service excellence.