A day in the life of a Deloitte practitioner; the Cyber Intelligence Centre edition

Lismar Velasquez

Senior Security Consultant | Risk Advisory | Cyber Intelligence Centre

My coworkers frequently ask me, “Why are you always so happy and smiling?”

The answer is simple: I love working at Deloitte’s Cyber Intelligence Centre (CIC).

As a senior security consultant my days are a fast paced adventure where no two days are the same….except maybe the mandatory morning coffee.

Some days, after the morning security briefing, I am tasked with investigating and solving complex security issues. These challenging security issues can sometimes take days and require you to be patient and think outside the box to come up with a solution. However the satisfaction of resolving these issues and fulfilling our client’s needs is well worth it.

Other days I will be asked to develop the security infrastructure for a client to keep their information secure. Developing security infrastructure is a time intensive project, but I thoroughly enjoy the fact that I get to be creative when I design a solution and I love the satisfaction I get knowing I built something innovative.

In the security industry where the only constant is change, another portion of my job is to study cutting edge security solutions, learn about new technologies and test them.

The work environment at Deloitte’s CIC is wonderful. It’s rewarding to be part of a team where everyone is working towards the same goal. I also enjoy the opportunity to work with and learn from so many intelligent people; I am constantly expanding my knowledge base and growing.

Even though I love cybersecurity and computers I don’t want you to give you the impression that I just spend all my time in front of a computer. I still have time to go dancing or get to the ballpark to watch Jose Bautista hit one out for the Blue Jays.

With knowing a new adventure awaits each day at the Cyber Intelligence Centre how could you not smile?

Lismar graduated from Nueva Esparta University with a Bachelor of Engineering. She is currently a Senior Security Consultant at our Cyber Intelligence Centre.

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