Campus Blog: Learn how to walk the walk and talk the talk

By Saverio Mallia

Staff Accountant I, Audit and Advisory | Summer Co-op

As you embark on your new career at Deloitte, there may be a lot of things running through your mind. You may really like a company, but there are obstacles to overcome before you get the offer you've been waiting for. One of the most daunting obstacles, for me at least, was the behavioural interview. Here are tips I found useful when preparing for mine:

Know what Deloitte stands for

Researching the company through an online Google search is not sufficient. Speak to employees, attend networking events, reach out to whoever you can to strengthen your knowledge, and tie that knowledge back to your own experience.

“Tell me about yourself”

This is one of the hardest questions you will probably ever encounter. The best way to answer this question is to prepare – know what you have done, what you have learned from your past experiences, and how those things have contributed to the person you are today. How do your past experiences make you unique and interesting?


One of the best ways to master anything is to practice. This still holds true for the behavioural interview. Practice with family and friends to get comfortable with the interview format.

Think of the interview as a conversation. Be yourself and let your talents shine.

Overall, I found these tips to be helpful when I was preparing for my interview. Keep these points in mind as you prepare for recruitment in September.

Saverio is entering his 3rd year at the Schulich School of Business majoring in accounting.

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