Overcoming Hurdles

By Shadib Bin Newaz

Staff Accountant II | Assurance and Advisory

When I took the leap of faith and left my home country of Bangladesh to board a flight to Toronto for university – which was also my first flight ever – I kept telling myself that everything will be alright.

What I was not prepared for was that my comfort zone was about to be turned upside down. From the fluency in English required to start a conversation to just living day-to-day life, the transition to a new country and environment was difficult for me. I realized that even when people are around you, you start to feel alone because you don’t really know how to express your feelings to anyone. I hit several new lows, worst of which was overeating just to keep the stress away. This particular habit resulted in my all-time heaviest weight. The more my weight increased, the harder my self-esteem was hit. Fortunately, I was able to turn things around and navigate the transition by making these changes:

Seek guidance

I had always assumed that it was better to run from problems rather than deal with them. This same basic instinct was creeping up on me again, but this time I made the conscious effort to seek guidance. I spoke to my family and friends and let them in on my struggles. While it was difficult to let my guard down, they were open to help me in ways I still find humbling. This made me realize that one should never be afraid to ask for help. 

Be proactive

I started to look for new ways to develop as a person. I took up a variety of opportunities where I could express myself including volunteering at festivals, business conferences and more. Every time I tried a new activity, I embraced being an optimist and made some incredible friends along the way – friends who push me to be my best each day.

Be humble and helpful

Once a full-time offer from Deloitte came along, it would have been easy to sit back and relax. Yet every day, I constantly ask myself if I am doing enough for those around me. I received guidance and help from others so I think we all have to help each other in whatever way we can. That is the only way we can truly be happy with ourselves because at the end, selfishness is not a happy place to dwell in.

As I am writing this blog I cannot help but feel humbled that I was able to turn things around and be present in this moment. Some things are beyond our imagination but the challenge to push ourselves past the ordinary is worth rising up to.

Shabib is currently a Staff Accountant II in our Toronto practice. He graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Administrative Studies, Accounting.

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