How Taylor Swift and Hogwarts are relevant at your first client site

By Liora Raitblat

Business Analyst | Human Capital Consulting (Summer Student)

When the time came to find a job, I recall shuddering at the very idea of sitting at a desk all day undertaking repetitive work. My background lay in marketing with a strong interest in entrepreneurship, traveling, and while I’m listing things, chocolate. I needed a constantly changing job environment to excite me, but where would I find this kind of job?

I presume at this point you’ve realized that the answer is likely Deloitte. If you guessed correctly, then 10 points to Gryffindor! The consulting practice at Deloitte is unlike any of my previous experiences. In just four short months, I have worked on two completely different projects and locations, and learned an incredible amount, including how to integrate myself into different work environments.

Starting at a new client’s site is a bit like arriving at a party knowing only your close friends. You walk in as a tightly knit group, and as time passes, you begin to meet new people, network, get the feel of the party, and settle right in. Here are my top tips for making this transition a smooth one.

  1. Preparing
    It is a great idea to ask for some background material before you arrive at the client site to catch up on information, and learn the fundamentals to make the transition to your new project easier. Think of Taylor Swift’s squad in their endless group photos, they are always on point when they arrive to the party, which is how you should be arriving at a client site with the Deloitte team. Prepared, polished and ready to take on the party.
  2. Networking
    As you come to meet more people at a party, games are played and new friends are made. This can also be applied to your new project; the people around you can be essential in quickly having your questions answered, and gaining a better understanding of the project. Don’t be intimidated. Take some time to set meetings, and discuss areas of uncertainty. Just remember you’re there to help and work with the client, so don’t be afraid to get to know the entire team and meet the people that will be around you.
  3. Integrating
    Each project and client is different, so be open minded to different methods of working, and don’t assume there is one right or wrong way to go about doing things. Picture each of the different Hogwarts houses being completely different clients! The way that one project runs will be completely different from another, so be open to new and changing experiences in a variety of work cultures.

So there you have it, a job that allowed me to consistently change jobs and the top things I learned about transitioning to a new client site.

Liora was a Business Analyst summer student on our Human Capital Consulting team. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Ottawa.

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