Implications of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in Ontario

Insurance and data access & security

By 2022, approximately 70% – 95% of new cars in Canada will have vehicle to infrastructure (V2I), vehicle to vehicle (V2V), and other telecommunications capabilities. In 20-25 years, vehicles capable of performing most or all driving tasks may be commonplace on Ontario roads.

In this future state of mobility, new types and unprecedented volumes of data will be generated or transmitted by connected and autonomous vehicles and the infrastructure with which they interact.

The pace and scope of transition to this future state is uncertain, with different implications depending on the pace of technology adoption and complementary shifts in mobility patterns and vehicle ownership. This transition time includes:

  • What we know: Existing research and initiatives and emerging opportunities and risks
  • What we need to work together to find out: areas for further research or exploration and opportunities for multi-sector collaboration

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