Returning to work in the future of work

Embracing purpose, potential, perspective, and possibility during COVID-19  

When we launched the findings in our 2020 Human Capital Trends report, we had no idea the landscape of work would change so drastically in such a short time. To bridge this gap, we have now produced a special report, Returning to work in the future of work, to help contextualize our original findings in the wake of COVID-19.

Our 2020 Human Capital Trends report challenged organizations to re-examine the relationship between humanity and technology. We asked them to consider the ways they can marry the two and create lasting value for themselves, their people, and their community. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned this challenge into a necessity. In this new companion piece, we have reinterpreted the themes outlined in our original report; purpose, potential, and perspective. Each trend has been revisited to offer a set of reflections, recommendations, and frameworks that could prove crucial in the recovery from this crisis. Going further, we hope to outline the ways an organization could embrace the new possibilities that have arisen now our journey into the future of work has rapidly accelerated.

Purpose, potential, and perspective are no longer aspirational possibilities. They have become the reality of here and now. Organizations face a choice; augment their old work model with this new knowledge or build a sustainable version of this new reality, today.

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