The social enterprise in a world disrupted: Leading the shift from survive to thrive

2021 Global Human Capital Trends

Placing people at the heart of an organization’s decisions about work and the workforce enables leaders to better stay ahead of disruption. Purpose, potential and perspective are essential to build an organization that can thrive in an unpredictable environment with an unknown future.

In today’s world of perpetual disruption, it’s time for organizations to shift from a survive mindset to a thrive mindset. Making this shift depends on an organization’s becoming—and remaining—distinctly human at its core, because today’s environment of extreme dynamism calls for a degree of courage, judgment, and flexibility that only humans can bring.

The world has changed—and so has our approach to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends research. Our 2021 report focuses on understanding what characteristics can support organizations in their shift from survive to thrive by revisiting a subset of key trends from the 2020 research, as well critical strategies to help leaders prepare for—and thrive—in the face of future disruptions. Completed by a total of 6,000 global respondents—more than 3,600 executives in 96 countries—the report included responses from more than 1,200 C-suite executives and board members and 233 CEOs, in addition to other management functions. For the first time in the report’s 11-year history, business respondents (59%) outnumbered HR executives (41%) in the survey—underscoring the growing importance of human capital in organizational decision-making.

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2021 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends

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