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Optimizing hybrid work

Top 5 questions to ask when designing a hybrid work model

Where do you work best? In the office, at home, or maybe at your favourite coffee shop? The answers we would get today offer a glimpse of a fundamental change in where, when, and how we work.

The seismic shift to remote work at the beginning of the pandemic gave leaders permission to cast off traditional work norms and figure out what truly works for them and their people.

However, a successful transition to hybrid work is complex. If you are among the 90% of employers looking to design and adopt a hybrid work model, there are five key questions you need to answer first:

  1. What are the specific business outcomes we want to achieve?
  2. Where, when, and how will work be done?
  3. How can technology accelerate our transformation?
  4. How can the employer-employee relationship be adapted so that every member of our workforce benefits?
  5. Is our organization ready for the implications of a hybrid work model?
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