Accelerating recovery in the consumer business industry

De-risking and securing digital transformation

Recent months have highlighted how much consumers expect their interactions with other people, organizations, and governments to be digitalized. Consumers now prefer online and digital solutions and the consumer industries have to adapt. With this rapid change comes new concerns, notably cybersecurity. Understanding the business and cybersecurity considerations is now essential for consumer industries.

To better understand these considerations, this report outlines:

  • Cloud adoption is a priority 
  • Increase in third-party reliance
  • Sensitive information collection
  • Securing the supply chain and logistics
  • Preparing the workforce for the future of work

These business considerations illustrate the extent to which cybersecurity helps consumer businesses serve their customers more efficiently. Understanding the impact of cyber may be a critical factor in determining how well consumer organizations will succeed and thrive in the future. Please reach out to Rob Masse for more information.

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