2018 Global Automotive Consumer Study

Navigating the customer journey

For nearly a decade, Deloitte has been exploring consumers’ evolving automotive expectations and the mobility ecosystem around the world. Deloitte’s Global Automotive Consumer Study has been conducted since 2009, gathering data and opinions from consumers in 17 countries representing both developed and emerging economies. Our Future of Mobility effort began in September 2015 in response to major changes that were starting to disrupt and reshape the global auto industry.

Our latest Global Automotive Consumer Study continues to examine consumer interest in advanced automotive technologies, including autonomous vehicles, and delves into consumer expectations surrounding the purchase funnel, the dealer experience, and the digital shopping experience. Our latest study compares and contrasts consumer sentiment in markets worldwide.

Download: 2018 Global Automotive Consumer Study

The 2018 Deloitte Global Automotive Consumer Study includes 22,177 consumer responses across 15 global markets

Study methodology

The study is fielded using an online panel methodology where consumers of driving age are invited to complete the questionnaire (translated into local languages) via email. It was fielded in 17 countries and designed to be nationally representative of the overall population in each country.

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