Building connections with the human in the middle:

Charting a course between technology and the customer

At a critical crossroads, the consumer industry forges new connections between technology and individuals. This is not the first time that consumer organizations have had to adapt to changing circumstances. But what makes COVID-19 different? The pace of change has accelerated, meaning developments that many predicted would take decades have happened in the space of a few weeks.1 Technology has transformed how we work, expanding the workforce to include new sources of talent. Unprecedented upheavals in the way we live have caused consumer behaviour to shift. How will the consumer industry respond and what will need to change?

This report will outline:

  • Technology: driving the human experience
  • A new kind of customer
  • How to advance the human experience within your organization
  • Equipping employees with tools, skill, and confidence

Organizations will not be able to go back, and the challenge now becomes how you go forward to keep ahead of future disruptions while simultaneously embracing technology changes, and not sacrificing the culture and human experiences that made your organization great.

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