2021 Global Marketing Trends

A Canadian perspective  

Marketing amid uncertainty

How Canadian marketing executives can use Deloitte’s 2021 Global Marketing Trends to manage uncertainty more effectively

Half a year into a global pandemic, we’re realizing the greatest challenge was not the initial reaction to it: it’s the ongoing uncertainty. We have seen many clients and organizations in Canada successfully stand up crisis-response teams to manage the needs of their customers, employees, and partners, and settle into a new business-as-usual with some normalcy to ongoing operations. The greatest challenge Canadian businesses are now facing is uncertainty. But there is an opportunity for them to successfully navigate it: by structuring themselves to manage constantly changing stakeholder needs.

Our 2021 Global Marketing Trends Report will help marketing leaders find ways to navigate our new reality by addressing ambiguity and strengthening the connection between brands and their stakeholders. The Canadian perspective, Marketing amid uncertainty, builds on the global trends by providing nuanced context to local marketers and a framework for how the trends can be prioritized and applied in Canada.

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