Women at the wheel

Key findings from the 2020 diversity, equity, and inclusion in automotive study

Women make up about half of the total labour force, but only a quarter of the automotive manufacturing workforce. It’s clear that automotive companies must do more to attract and elevate female talent in the industry—but where to begin?

In collaboration with Automotive News and as part of our longstanding commitment to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion outcomes, we surveyed hundreds of industry professionals, both male and female, to develop a clearer picture of the current state of the industry and identify areas for improvement. The findings, relayed in the report Women at the wheel, establish an important springboard for informed dialogue and outline the critical first steps toward positive change in the industry. 

Key findings:

  • Nearly half of women surveyed said they would move to a different industry if they were to restart their career today, with a lack of diversity and inclusion among the top three reasons to leave.
  • The biggest differences between men and women when it comes to what’s most important in their career include a positive company culture (women) and career progression opportunities (men).
  • Far more women than men believe visible minorities are underrepresented among their company’s senior executives.
  • 82 percent of women believe industry bias toward men contributes most to a lack of diversity in leadership positions.
  • 25 percent of men do not believe business benefits are derived from a diverse leadership team, compared to just 3 percent of women. 
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